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Ghirardelli Goes Green Case Study

EBS Ghirardelli Case Study
Ghirardelli Goes Green - Green Building Case Study
Today marks great news – 2 months in the making and 2 years of consulting have culminated in one great case study. Ghirardelli Goes Green is a case study highlighting the reduction in environmental impacts and reduction in costs that JMA Ventures and Ghirardelli Square have realized after systematically finding ways to affect both criteria.

Environmentally Ghirardelli Square educated tenants and reduced energy usage dramatically in key areas. Resulting from low initial cost and high value, the results have yielded impressive rates of return and present values using virtually any criteria. Working with Rita Hernandez and Jane Echlin we at Environmental Building Strategies were able to help them find ways to be better to both the bottom line and the environment.

Please feel free to share this case study with anyone looking to save money by engaging sustainability criteria in their everyday actions. Download here: EBS Ghirardelli Case Study

The EBS Team