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Environmental Building Strategies at GreenerBuilder

Environmental Building Strategies at GreenerBuilder

On June 8th our team participated at the Greener Builder 2011 Conference, at the South SF Conference Center.

Environmental Building Strategies is now very well known in San Francisco and the Bay Area. And we are working to only strengthen this trend as well as to go further. We want to promote ourselves all over the US and beyond! According to McGraw-Hill Construction’s Green Outlook 2011 Report, the green building market comprised a third of all new nonresidential construction in 2010, and it is expected to continue growth to represent up to 48% of new nonresidential buildings in five years! Not only do we want EBS to take this huge opportunity but we also want it to be a shaper of this trend. We would like to share our vision and innovation with this growing market. The Greener Builder Conference is exactly the kind of event we are looking for!

This year, the US Green Building Council teamed with leading Architect/Engineer/Contractor firms in Northern California to present Greener Builder 2011. This time, the aim was to focus on the future of the Green Building Industry: Where is LEED going? What are the Green Tech trends? Commissioning Beyond Green etc. Our team had a really exciting and full day, as the event was very well attended with actors coming from the whole industry: architects, general contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, LEED Project managers and even aspiring green builders. The conference schedule was jam-packed, starting with a really interesting opening session: McGraw-Hill 2011 Green Outlook Report, great speakers, tons of educational sessions, lots of ongoing networking and the latest technology and trends presented in the expo hall.

Our booth was really well attended all throughout the day, with professionals particularly interested in our services (not mentioning our amazing beer-sponsored quiz game). People were particularly impressed by our approach and how much we do in particular regarding our commissioning AND contracting services. This is part of our vision here at EBS: all encompassing, as the way to optimize sustainability. Yes, we like to aim high!

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