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Hold Design Charrettes

5. Charrette – More the better

An Eco-Charrette is a crucial tool for success. All ideas are put on the table and all sustainability goals are addressed. You will also get a chance to see where the experience is in the room and then can decide how to coach those less experienced folk through the ins and outs of LEED.

06 Hold Design Charrettes

Often called a Design Charrette (much more appropriate name), these “meetings” need to be approached with an open mind on all fronts. Often architects feel pressured in these meetings as needing to be the know it all and can be left defending their design. However if these are facilitated early in the process architects can influence sustainability to a large degree as can engineers.

The idea is to work as a team and make sure everyone’s expertise gets addressed and realized. Often General Contractors are the most difficult to convince and they see the “old way” of doing things as their only way. Work with those people who are most unconvinced about LEED and take them under your wing. Bring them to USGBC Chapter events or have a lunch with them and the owner of a LEED facility to which that person can share their success with the process.

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