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LED Lighting Calculator – Just switch out those bulbs would ya!

So I never like to give away trade secrets but it isn’t like this puppy should be locked away in some vault – it really isn’t all that secretive. And besides our proprietary information involves a much much more conclusive approach to sustainability (just kidding we use this calculator all the time!)
led spotlights LED Lighting Calculator   Just switch out those bulbs would ya!
You wouldn’t believe it but there are so many tools out there people can use to analyze what “greening” strategies can do for your life, health and bank account. Below is just one of those strategies … oh and several of my opinions of course

LED ROI Calculator

This tool is quite powerful and here is why:
1. LED’s are better than CFL’s – especially for new construction. When implementing a lighting plan for your new office, building or home you need to be spec’ing for LED. Below are a few links that may be helpful when trying to understand how incadescent, CFL, and LED’s work. They are quite different and you should read up on the differences. Financially they make sense over the long term – big time sense!

2. CFL’s are terrible choices in the long run but like everything we need a game changer – the government implemented the ban of incandescent bulbs which is great -we are going to save bundles and gobbles of money but destroy our oceans and poison our children in the meantime. This law is about as smart as the government saying lets all put lead paint on our walls or lets insulate with asbestos. The fact is that mercury has been phased out of thermostats yet we’ve all the sudden decided its ok to re-implement its use in every lighting fixture in America. Sounds good to me!

3. LED’s last for over 6 years – that is if you leave them on 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week – THAT IS SIX times longer than CFL’s are rated for. Did I forget to mention they use half the energy a CFL does.
Another quick note we often forget – 94% of the energy an incandescent bulb uses is lost as heat. LED’s don’t get hot!

Seriously take a look at this calculator and tell me they are fiscally irresponsible and I’ll tell you your crazy.

The numbers make sense, the color rendering and lumen output make sense, the dim ability (not all CFL’s can dim) features and spotting possibilities make sense yet our government mandates something that doesn’t. What a f–ing surprise – although it was the Heckuva Job, Bushie guy who designed the ingenious plan. I mean you can’t blame a Texan for trying right. . .

Until next time – change out those incandescent s already would ya!

The EBS Team

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