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Top 10 green building stories of 2008 – NEW ADMINISTRATION!

I have something for you – a great article, a must read, and a great prelude to Tuesday’s festivities!
GetImage.aspx?webimage=retrofit Top 10 green building stories of 2008   NEW ADMINISTRATION!
Top 10 Green Building Stories of 2008

Well we may not have gotten everything we asked for – As a country we certainly didn’t expect to be here on January 20th.

No one expected to see hundreds of thousands of people in DC rallying behind Mr. Obama.

I think he even fooled himself. Who knows where he will lead us or whether he is qualified – all i do know is it will be DIFFERENT.

That being said I hope we all can get along a little more in the new year – few more hugs, few less drivebys and lets pray he knows economics because we’re going to need some help.

I invite everyone to recap and see where we’ve come over the last year – check out a great article talking all about the successes we’ve had in the green building industry over the past year.

More to come…

The EBS Team

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