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2nd times a charm!!!

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Back in 1979, President Jimmy Carter did the unthinkable: He installed solar panels on top of the White House. The panels were used to heat water for the staff eating era and more importantly usher in a new era in American innovation and independence from foreign fossil fuels.

Carter said. America was to harness “the power of the sun to enrich our lives as we move away from our crippling dependence on foreign oil.”

Carter, in his State of the Union Address the year the panels were installed, presented an ambitious plan to put America on a clean energy path: 20 percent of energy from renewable sources by 2000. Part of his idea was to go far beyond simple hot water solar collectors and direct government research funds towards the development of photovoltaic cells, the kind that could put energy into the grid.


And Regan had the panels removed during a roof in repair in 1986 — and as a symbol of where we are today, never had them reinstalled… They were later found in government storage.

30 years later, the United States still get only 6 or 7 percent of our energy from renewable energy sources.

To prove his point President Reagan had declared government the problem, not the solution. That meant no energy credits. That also meant no solar panels. Ronald Reagan helped tear down the Berlin Wall, and he also helped tear down the White House’s solar panels.

The scramble is on again across the country to renew Carter’s old efforts, as venture capital pours into solar and wind energy. About $5.2 billion of North American venture capital poured into carbon-reducing and environment-friendly technologies in 2007, according to the industry-affiliated Cleantech Group

But if it all feels we are inventing something that should have already been invented, maybe that’s because, well, it should have been.  Least we are headed back in the right direction again!!

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